MSc and BSc Thesis Supervision

On-going MSc Thesis

  1. A complete analysis of security risks of RPAS operations and their mitigation. María Elena de Medrano de Lara. 2022.
  2. Economic Impact of the COVID-19 on the Spanish Aeronautical Industry. Alejandro García López. 2022.

On-going BSc Thesis

  1. Development of supervised models of machine learning to predict the delay in flight caused by weather. Carlos Martell Martín. 2022.
  2. Air Traffic Impact of Most Recent Volcanos Eruptions in Europe. Moisés Fernández Martín. 2022.

Supervised MSc Thesis

  1. Performance impact assessment of reducing separation minima for en-route operations. Marta Pérez Maroto. 2022. Mark: 10 (/10).
  2. SESAR Flight Centric Concept. Operational and Human Performance Feasibility Analysis. Lara Cristina Sánchez Hernández. 2021. Mark: 10 (/10) summa cum laude.
  3. Development and integration of computer vision tools on an open-source quadcopter. Gonzalo Díaz Fernández. 2021. Mark: 9.7 (/10).
  4. Development and Implementation of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Services in BlueSky an Open Source Simulator. Víctor Guio Alonso. 2021. Mark: 9.3 (/10).
  5. Study and Development of Autonomous Capacity of a Drone and its Potential Application. Pablo de Porcellinis Pascau. 2021. Mark: 9.3 (/10).
  6. Web Application Prototype to Analyse Features in Air Traffic Management. Elena Fernández-Bujarrabal Herrero. 2021. Mark: 9.8 (/10).
  7. Roadmap to Certification of a Software Change in a Military Aircraft. Pablo Fernández Rebollo. 2021. Mark: 9.8 (/10).
  8. Enabling RPAS Integration in the Controlled Airspace, an Environmental Definition and Revision of Some Aspects of a New Operating Method. Pablo Herrera Fuente. 2021. Mark: 9 (/10).
  9. Modelica OSLC KM Implementation: Towards Executable Requirements. Guillermo Escribano Blázquez. 2020. Mark: 10 (/10).
  10. Computation of Weather Avoidance Routes in an Open Air Traffic Simulator. Manuel Florentin Olaru. July 2020. Mark: 9.2 (/10).
  11. Airline wheels and brakes workshop refurbishment project management. Víctor Hernández Ortega. 2020. Mark: 8.5 (/10).
  12. Analyzing the Future Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Coordination Tasks. Eva Álvarez de Miguel. Sept 2019. Mark: 9.4 (/10).
  13. Instrumental Departure, Arrival and Approach Procedures of the Castellón Airport Based on PBN and GNSS Technology. Raquel Parreño Lavandeira. 22/09/2017. Mark: 9.5 (/10).
  14. Master Plan. Alicante-Elche Airport. María Acuña Moncayo. 03/07/2017. Mark: 8.2 (/10).
  15. Aircraft Trajectory Characterization by Means of Machine Learning. Roberto Peña Cano. 26/09/2017. Mark: 8.8 (/10).

Supervised BSc Thesis

  1. Coverage and interference analysis of the antennas at radio-frequency emitter center of Castellón Airport. Jaime Cuartero Burzaco. 2022. Mark: 8.2 (/10).
  2. The Application of Machine Learning in Order to Detect Anomalies on the Onboard Systems. Rafael Alejandro Vázquez Álvarez. 2021. Mark: 9.7 (/10).
  3. Developing a Realistic Simulator to Analyze the Future of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). Víctor Nan Fernández-Ayala. July 2020. Mark: 8.1 (/10).
  4. Mass and Balance Optimization for Private and Business Aircraft. Alejandro Martínez Cervero. July 2019. Mark: 9.1 (/10).
  5. Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Controlled Airspace. Pablo Turégano Pérez. 15/10/2018. Mark: 9 (/10).
  6. Air Traffic Flow Management Regulations: Big Data Analytics. Ignacio Sánchez Vázquez. 15/10/2018. Mark: 9.2 (/10).
  7. Trajectory predictability analysis under convective weather conditions. Juan Rodríguez Carrillo.
  8. ATM Performance Assessment of Minimum Climate Impact Trajectory in the European Airspace. Guillermo Puelles Magán.