MSc and BSc Thesis Supervision

On-going MSc Thesis

On-going BSc Thesis

  1. Integration of CAD Tools for the development of a Digital Twin Environment: Connector to SolidWorks. Fernando Ruiz Cerrajero. 2023.

Supervised MSc Thesis

  1. A complete analysis of security risks of RPAS operations and their mitigation. María Elena de Medrano de Lara. 2022. Mark: 7.6 (/10).
  2. Economic Impact of the COVID-19 on the Spanish Aeronautical Industry. Alejandro García López. 2022. Mark: 8.6 (/10).
  3. Performance impact assessment of reducing separation minima for en-route operations. Marta Pérez Maroto. 2022. Mark: 10 (/10).
  4. SESAR Flight Centric Concept. Operational and Human Performance Feasibility Analysis. Lara Cristina Sánchez Hernández. 2021. Mark: 10 (/10) summa cum laude.
  5. Development and integration of computer vision tools on an open-source quadcopter. Gonzalo Díaz Fernández. 2021. Mark: 9.7 (/10).
  6. Development and Implementation of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Services in BlueSky an Open Source Simulator. Víctor Guio Alonso. 2021. Mark: 9.3 (/10).
  7. Study and Development of Autonomous Capacity of a Drone and its Potential Application. Pablo de Porcellinis Pascau. 2021. Mark: 9.3 (/10).
  8. Web Application Prototype to Analyse Features in Air Traffic Management. Elena Fernández-Bujarrabal Herrero. 2021. Mark: 9.8 (/10).
  9. Roadmap to Certification of a Software Change in a Military Aircraft. Pablo Fernández Rebollo. 2021. Mark: 9.8 (/10).
  10. Enabling RPAS Integration in the Controlled Airspace, an Environmental Definition and Revision of Some Aspects of a New Operating Method. Pablo Herrera Fuente. 2021. Mark: 9 (/10).
  11. Modelica OSLC KM Implementation: Towards Executable Requirements. Guillermo Escribano Blázquez. 2020. Mark: 10 (/10).
  12. Computation of Weather Avoidance Routes in an Open Air Traffic Simulator. Manuel Florentin Olaru. July 2020. Mark: 9.2 (/10).
  13. Airline wheels and brakes workshop refurbishment project management. Víctor Hernández Ortega. 2020. Mark: 8.5 (/10).
  14. Analyzing the Future Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Coordination Tasks. Eva Álvarez de Miguel. Sept 2019. Mark: 9.4 (/10).
  15. Instrumental Departure, Arrival and Approach Procedures of the Castellón Airport Based on PBN and GNSS Technology. Raquel Parreño Lavandeira. 22/09/2017. Mark: 9.5 (/10).
  16. Master Plan. Alicante-Elche Airport. María Acuña Moncayo. 03/07/2017. Mark: 8.2 (/10).
  17. Aircraft Trajectory Characterization by Means of Machine Learning. Roberto Peña Cano. 26/09/2017. Mark: 8.8 (/10).

Supervised BSc Thesis

  1. Development of supervised models of machine learning to predict the delay in flight caused by weather. Carlos Martell Martín. 2022. Mark: 9.6 (/10).
  2. Air Traffic Impact of Most Recent Volcanos Eruptions in Europe. Moisés Fernández Martín. 2022. Mark: 8.4 (/10).
  3. Coverage and interference analysis of the antennas at radio-frequency emitter center of Castellón Airport. Jaime Cuartero Burzaco. 2022. Mark: 8.2 (/10).
  4. The Application of Machine Learning in Order to Detect Anomalies on the Onboard Systems. Rafael Alejandro Vázquez Álvarez. 2021. Mark: 9.7 (/10).
  5. Developing a Realistic Simulator to Analyze the Future of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). Víctor Nan Fernández-Ayala. July 2020. Mark: 8.1 (/10).
  6. Mass and Balance Optimization for Private and Business Aircraft. Alejandro Martínez Cervero. July 2019. Mark: 9.1 (/10).
  7. Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Controlled Airspace. Pablo Turégano Pérez. 15/10/2018. Mark: 9 (/10).
  8. Air Traffic Flow Management Regulations: Big Data Analytics. Ignacio Sánchez Vázquez. 15/10/2018. Mark: 9.2 (/10).
  9. Trajectory predictability analysis under convective weather conditions. Juan Rodríguez Carrillo.
  10. ATM Performance Assessment of Minimum Climate Impact Trajectory in the European Airspace. Guillermo Puelles Magán.